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AUSS_Connector Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
BufferedFileActs like a stack buffered file
CharAndSizeA String associated with a size and an index of the data already read
ClockThe Clock, simply just a container for a global variable which gets incremented
ConfigConnectionThe config connection is a Connection which reads and write XML commands to and from a configurator
Connection< SAMPLE >Connection Interface ( disconnect() Disconnect Connection from Connector getName(): string Get Connections Name sent from Header
ConnectionFactoryThe ConnectionFactory is used to create connections from client who have connected to ports the connectionFactory is listening to
ConnectionUConnectionU is a union for easy casting
ConnectionWrapConnectionWrap is a 5 byte wrapper for a connection
ConnectorThe Connector is the main class of the Connector
ConnectorSingletonConnectorSingleton maintains one connector in memory for other class to use
FilterConnection< SAMPLE >FilterConnection Interface ( Inherits from Connection
InputConnection< SAMPLE >InputConnection is a FilterConnection who can only read and cannot write
MessageThis is wrapper for recieved XML messages, it enables parsing to a XML tree for easy evaluation
MessageExecutorMessage Executor Executes messages MessageExecutor will call upon the XML Parser to parse the message into treeNode structure
OutputConnection< SAMPLE >A Write Only connection
QuickDirtyXMLParserThe quick dirty XML parser is just meant to read XML and break it down into tree nodes
TreeNodeTreeNode, A node which consists of a name value and a list of child nodes

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