AUSSLib API for Perl

This document is to supplement the actual AUSS::Connection interface file not replace it.

The main class which is used in most of the AUSS API calls is the AUSS::Connection object; The AUSS::Connection Object contains all the information about the connection you want to make. It will be used to generate a XML header for AUSS as well.

A connection contains fields:

Not all of these features are supported.

To initalize a connection (please don't fill in a connection yourself until this is done) the "auss_make_conn" function is used:

		my $connection = AUSS::Connection->new(name=>$name);

Once a connection object is created you can set values in it like the name.

Then one would want to connect this connection to preferrablly a connector. to connect one simply calls:

		$connection->connect($host, $port, 1,1);
This simply means use the aussconn object and connect to the remotehost host with the port number port, the host is a connector and send the header too. You can do the same thing with a pipe except a pipe is unidirectional so sometimes you can send a header (e.g. STDIN). Once connected you can read and write from the connection as you wish much like unix read and write commands.
			$writeBytes = $connection->write_pack_list(@list);
			$writeBytes = $connection->write_pack_arrayref(\@list);
			$writeBytes = $connection->write(@strings);
			$writeBytes = $connection->write_scalar($scalar);
			$writeBytes = $connection->write_scalarref(\$bigscalar);
			$writeBytes = $connection->write_array(@packed_list);
			$writeBytes = $connection->write_arrayref(\@packed_list);

			@read = $connection->read_array($size);
			$read = $connection->read_scalar($size);
Packed means put into binary form. Unpacked implies natural perl form.

Once you're done reading and writing one can simply disconnect from AUSS with: